What is a BI Dashboard and why should we use them?

What is a BI Dashboard and why should we use them?


What is the purpose of a BI Dashboard?

A BI Dashboard or Business Intelligence Dashboard offer information management and data visualisation solutions which are used to analyse your data. Content creators can use interactive elements to combine charts, graphs, and reports in a single screen view for snapshot overviews.

BI Dashboard benefits explained:

Below we look at why many businesses opt to use a BI Dashboard and benefits for doing so:

  • Communicating Business Information in a single snapshot view – Reports can be lengthy full of multiple pages, whereas a BI Dashboard makes data readable in one page viewing.
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators – BI Dashboards can help monitor your KPI goals and make sure your business stays focussed and on track.
  • Saving Business Time – Creating lengthy reports can be time consuming and wordy, with a single view reporting page important data can be displayed so you can see how the business is performing quickly.
  • Identifying Changes and Trends – Looking for trends in your data can help you identify potential problems and opportunities and can help you make informed decisions about where to allocate your resources. 
  • Improves Business Making Decisions – A BI dashboard can help you quickly and easily see patterns in your data that you may not have seen before. This can help you make better decisions faster, by helping you identify issues and opportunities earlier.

BI Dashboard VS Reports:

A BI dashboard is made up to visualise data in a single page view. In contrast, a report is a detailed presentation of data. Therefore, the Power BI dashboard is easier to visually understand as a report can contain sometimes have a lot of information and complex details that some may be time consuming and difficult to read.

Picking which one simply comes down to what is right for your business, if you want a simple snapshot of the overall activity then you would opt for a BI dashboard. If you need an in-depth report looking at all aspects of the information and data, then you should choose reports.

If you need help with creating a BI dashboard to improve the way your business displays and optimises data, please contact our helpful team here – https://magnetarit.co.uk/contact/

Or alternatively, to learn more about dashboards and measuring data, watch our director Lewis Jenkins talk about it in this video – https://bit.ly/3CvmlPz

Date: October 31, 2022

Author: Morris

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