What are the Best Resource Management Software Tools?

What are the Best Resource Management Software Tools?


What is Resource Management?

Resource management is a term referring to the various practices and working initiatives to help businesses automate their processes and simplify how they view their resources. A form of project management; resource management considers all different kinds of resources, including tangible resources (such as materials, equipment, and budgets), intangible resources (such as time and skill), and human resources.

Resource management software involves taking inventory of available stock and resources within a business and scheduling or rescheduling start and end dates for resource use, monitoring resource usage and need over a period of time, and using data-backed insight to adjust where needed.

What are the benefits of Resource Management software?

Resource management software provides support and tools to help simplify and reduce the time processes take to complete. Using resource management software can allow businesses to see their overall performance and ascertain areas where more focus or resource is needed. These IT solution software allows for reports to be pulled off, so companies can see their overall performance.

The Top 5 Resource Management Software Systems

  1. Monday.com: has an easy-to-use interface, so your teams can use it immediately without any training or prior experience using collaboration or CRM tools. Tracking customer data and personalising the user experience is very easy on monday.com.  This can build loyalty, improves sales and drives business growth.
  2. Wrike: offers customised packages for marketing, creative, product development and professional services teams. It has a user-friendly dashboard with tools that can be used to manage both one-off projects and ongoing tasks.
  3. Kantata: Kantata Cloud for Professional Services is a collection of operational management, resource optimisation, business intelligence, integration, and workflow automation functionality.
  4. Parallax: is a resourcing, forecasting, and analytics platform which helps businesses to grow and have a competitive edge.
  5. Smartsheet:  is a resource and project planning solution that allows you to visualise and act on critical data regarding your teams’ performance. 


Resource Management tools can be a valuable asset for helping to manage projects and stay on track to the finish. But finding the best resource software management system to suit your business may take trial and error; most software providers have free trials or versions, so you can test them to see if they fit your processes.

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Date: April 3, 2023

Author: Morris

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