Recap for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Recap for National Cyber Security Awareness Month


As the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) comes to an end, we should ensure that we should integrate cyber security and awareness into our daily lives.

Eye Opening Statistics

Although it is not everyones favourite subject it is fascinating to see some of the numbers, as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) comes to an end, we should ensure that we should integrate cyber security and awareness into our daily lives.

Here are just some points worth remembering 

  • Ransomware attacks occur every 14 seconds  The frequency in which Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack this year in its 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report (ACR). The company also estimates that number will increase to every 11 seconds by 2021.

  • 43% of cyber attacks target small business – 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks. 62% experienced phishing & social engineering attacks. 59% of companies experienced malicious code and botnets and 51% experienced denial of service attacks.

  • In 2018 hackers stole half a billion personal records – This was a 126% jump from 2017. Since 2013 there are approximately 3,809,448 records stolen from breaches every day, 158,727 per hour, 2,645 per minute and 44 every second of every day reports Cybersecurity Ventures.

  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error – Cyber-criminals and hackers will infiltrate your company through your weakest link, which is almost never in the IT department.

  • More than 77% of businesses do not have a Cyber Security Incident Response plan – What’s worse? An estimated 54% of companies say they have experienced one or more attacks in the last 12 months.

It’s time to act, with 55 per cent of UK businesses targeted by cybercrime in the last year alone! 


With the recent implementation of GDPR in May this year, this also means businesses have to report any breaches to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). As a result, the fines have dramatically increased which could also mean the average cost of data breaches rise even further in the coming years. The impact of a data breach since the introduction of GDPR can also be greater with the ICO being able to stop a business from processing data in the future.



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Date: November 6, 2019

Author: Magnetar IT

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