Misused Buzzwords in IT

Misused Buzzwords in IT


Within the technology industry, we can experience jargon overkill.  Many suppliers and consultants hype solutions and strategies with phrasings meant to capture a buzz. However, all too often the terms and phrases used in meetings are carelessly defined or misapplied for the sake of sales and marketing.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a phase often pitched as a remedy for transforming legacy businesses.  It also suggests the implementing of tech for the sake of it, as opposed to being focused on the result which is transformation enabled by people, processes and technology.

Change Management

Change Management suggests that strategies are antiquated and that a largescale change management program should be adopted.  Whereas change should be happening constantly and incrementally within any business.


Agile development; model for building software quickly.  The reality is that only a third of these businesses are totally Agile, most work in a hybrid construction approach.


DevOps is the collaboration between software development and operations.  More often businesses lump DevOps in to moving to the cloud without executing the changes and processes associated with blending development and operations.

Minimal Viable Product

MVP is currently a favoured phase used to describe getting a product to the market quickly.   While creating something quickly and getting it into the hands of end users is important.  The MVP is not complete until the enterprise improves the product based on user feedback.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is often misused.  Many solutions are incorrectly marketed as ML when they are really just smart automation.  Rather than tools that train themselves to improve based on data they are fed. Targeted applications that can generate business insights have merit. For example, ML can analyse different data sets and identify the healthcare provider that is the most cost-effective and provides the highest quality of service.

Date: May 17, 2021

Author: Morris

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