Life in a Tech Job – Fact VS Fiction

Life in a Tech Job – Fact VS Fiction


If you work in Technology, then you will most probably of had that dreaded feeling when telling people what you do, as it can then lead to a million questions on how to make their laptop faster or other tech issues they are experiencing.

People generally don’t know much past social media or the basics on running a computer, but we know there is more to the job than meets the eye. If you are contemplating a career path in Technology, then the below will help you work out fact from fiction and the myths surrounding a ‘Tech’ job.

Tech Myths Busted

FICTION: You will need a degree

FACT: Whilst having a degree is a massive benefit when finding a role within IT you don’t necessarily need one. There are lots of job roles which don’t require a degree.  An apprenticeship is a great way to start out learning on the job skills within Technology and IT .

FICTION: Only men work in Tech.

FACT: WRONG – there are lots of women who work in Tech, with numbers rising steadily each year.

FICTION: IT/Tech jobs are boring.

FACT: A job is as fun as you make it, if you enjoy your field of work and what you are doing then the job won’t be boring for you. If you think it’s boring, then a Tech job most probably isn’t the right career path for you.

FICTION: There’s no room for creativity.

FACT: Many roles in Tech are very creative; web design to app development, there are countless opportunities for you to use your imagination.

FICTION: You will be stuck on one career path

FACT: The opportunities in Tech are endless, with a broad range of skill sets you can work for almost any company, anywhere in the world!

Why choose a career in Tech?

Technology is the ultimate versatile career.  From app development to computer forensics, cyber security to web design, the range of job roles and industries that fall under the technology umbrella is huge.  With the right training and skill set any candidate can work for almost any company anywhere in the world, allowing countless job opportunities. Another major benefit of working in Technology is that you are always learning and developing your skills and troubleshooting.  Finding ways to solve problems is something you will do in your day-to-day job meaning you learn new things every day!

Whatever you decide, one thing for sure is that a career in Tech will most certainly provide opportunities for life.

Date: January 17, 2022

Author: Morris

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