Is bespoke software necessary or trendy?

Is bespoke software necessary or trendy?


What are Bespoke Software and Off-the-shelf Software?

Software for business that you can purchase and implement almost immediately will most likely be ‘commercial off-the-shelf’ (COTS) – which means the same application will usually be adopted by thousands or even millions of other businesses.

It may not work exactly how you’d like it to or have the specifics to cater to your business needs. Nevertheless, for a cost-cutting alternative – you can adjust your expectations or work methodology to use the software.

Many companies now face a choice of whether to use off-the-shelf software and accept that processes and practices may need to be adjusted to keep in line with the software. However, some businesses may feel pressured to follow the trend of using bespoke software and believe it is vital to rival their competitors in today’s market.

Is Bespoke Software ‘just’ a trend?

Bespoke software is more than just a trend; it’s the perfect solution for businesses who want to gain that competitive edge to stand apart from the crowd. A change in software to something faster and more effective will also improve the overall task time for your employees, ultimately giving them a more enjoyable working environment.

The competitive market is intense, so having a bespoke solution can ensure business growth and profitability. Sticking with basic COTS software can limit your business potential and slow down achieving your business targets.

Going bespoke can allow your business to improve workflows by breaking down the process and recreating it to be smoother and more effective. Having the option to customise and personalise your software will boost business awareness and specifically meet the needs of your clients.


Gone are the days when one size fits all; we now aren’t limited in the world of technology and have options; deciding what is best for your business depends on the needs of your business. If your business has complex processes that require more attention, then a bespoke solution, customised to accommodate your company and customers, will ensure their requirements are met.

Bespoke software is designed specifically around your business, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted features or unfamiliar terminology that is unsuitable for your business. 

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Date: February 27, 2023

Author: Morris

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