Here’s Why Your Business Should Move to Office 365

Here’s Why Your Business Should Move to Office 365


Office 365 offers some great applications such as Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Teams which makes it an essential requirement for every modern business.


We have put together just some of the reasons to consider moving to a platform such as Office 365. We specialise in getting people into the cloud, and we find customers select this platform time and time again.

1) It grows with you

When your business grows, you can simply pay for the additional services and data storage you need using Office 365 licenses. OneDrive for Business offers a huge amount of space at an amazingly affordable cost. You will never have the headache of buying new hard drive for storage space ever again!

2) Work from anywhere and on anything

Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their documents anytime and from anywhere on PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices, all you really need is a browser and you are good to go. Agility is at the core of the Office 365 suite.

Try to keep screens bigger than 22 inches at about an arm’s length distance. If you are using dual screens, these should be positioned about 30 inches away from you. If a monitor cannot be adjusted vertically, a you can buy some screen risers for as little as £10 to ensure the monitors are at the correct height.

3) You data is secure

One of the critical concerns for any business is the security of its data in the cloud. And when it comes to security, you’ll find that many businesses are moving towards Office 365, this is because it is considered more secure option compared to the on-premises environment. The infrastructure of Office 365 is highly available and patched.

4) New features and bug updates

Office 365 upgrades automatically without any extra costs! Users get access to all the enhancements and innovations as soon as they are released. In on-premises deployments, users have to upgrade the hardware and buy the software too. These upgrades may cause considerable downtime too. Who better to look after the product than the people who designed it.

5) Data loss prevention

One of a businesses most important asset is its data. Losing this can be disastrous, in some cases can close businesses and fines due to breach in regulations, and Office 365’s data protection and backup offers you the peace of mind that you’ll never lose the data you use.

Here is a great video that walks you through some of the great features.

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Date: April 20, 2020

Author: Magnetar IT

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