Four Android settings for smarter notifications

Four Android settings for smarter notifications


It’s hard to switch off and relax when notifications are pinging from your phone, whether it is App notifications to text messages, these can make it hard to concentrate on other important tasks.

If constant notifications are a source of frustration, then following these simple steps below can allow you to go about your day without the constant buzzing of your smartphone. 

1. Switch off notifications for annoying applications – If your social media or app alerts are constantly going off you can silence them off by going into the notifications settings and viewing a list of apps to turn off.

Some apps also let you turn off alerts for specific in-app features, while leaving others on. For instance, Facebook lets you toggle notifications for tags, comments, and reminders.

2. Turn off auto brightnessHave you ever noticed your screen suddenly dimming or brightening all by itself? That’s auto brightness, while it can be useful, it can sometimes change too suddenly for some. If you find it too annoying, you can turn it off.

Navigate to your phone’s Display settings or open the pull-down shade and disable the feature. You can then manually move the slider to your desired brightness.

3. Enable do not disturb – Regardless of the time your phone will notify you when someone comments on your latest Instagram post, likes your tweet, or sends an email. If you need your sleep or a break from alerts altogether then you can set up Do Not Disturb. You can find this feature under Sounds or Notifications.

Turn it on to immediately mute all incoming calls and alerts, or schedule it to activate at a certain time or day of the week. If you’re worried about emergencies, you can allow certain contacts to your list of exceptions.

4. Disable the virtual assistant – Are you the owners of a smartphone? If so, you will most probably have a virtual assistant on your device whether that be Siri for iPhone or Bixby for Samsung. If you’re sick of accidentally turning the feature on you can disable the feature entirely by going to your settings and switching it off.


Whatever you choose to do, whether that be keeping your notifications firmly switched on or if you decide to take control of your own destiny by switching them off that is what the mobile experience is all about. It’s your device so take control today with our handy guide above.

Date: June 13, 2022

Author: Morris

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