Email Marketing – Who is it for?

Email Marketing – Who is it for?


Email marketing isn’t just about you, or your company. It’s about your customer.

It’s the process of targeting your audience and customers through email. It helps you boost loyalty and sales by giving your subscribers and customers valuable information to help achieve their goals and, it’s far from a dying industry. In fact, email continues to be the top channel for content marketing so if you’re still undecided about which tool will deliver for your business, here are our top 5 suggestions:



Mailchimp is a market leader in email marketing and it’s one that you’ve probably heard of. Aimed at small businesses, their free plan provides you with basic email marketing features such as creating templates, campaigns, landing pages and postcards and by using their Content Manager you can store all your images and files.
In addition to being user friendly, Mailchimp provides you with valuable audience insights to optimise your marketing efforts. It also allows you to automate your emails at crucial steps of the customer journey, such as welcome emails, order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders and more.



You may be familiar with Hubspot as a CRM system. Whether you need to send a thank you email after a purchase or just promote a current offer, HubSpot can do that. It’s easy to use and the tool features a handy drag-and-drop visual editor and also comes equipped with ready-made templates to get you up and running immediately.

Using the contact insights stored in the free HubSpot CRM, you’ll get more of your emails opened and links clicked when you tailor each email to each subscriber. You can use an email subscriber’s lifecycle stage, list membership, or any information in their contact records to automatically serve up the most relevant subject lines, content, links, attachments, and calls-to-action.


Campaign Monitor

In Campaign Monitor you can choose from literally hundreds of professionally-designed templates and using drag-and-drop, put your email together. You can drive urgency too by using a countdown timer or create personalised customer journeys to drive sales.
Building targeted segments by drilling into the data about your customers means that you can send relevant emails that are tailored to their individual interests. Its full analytics suite gives you an aggregate view into the performance of your overall email marketing including geography, acquisition and engagement per campaign. You’ll get actionable insights on how to improve your strategy too.



Features like the landing page builder and the pop-up builder make MailerLite stand out. In addition to the basics this tool comes with a rich text editor and a built-in photo editor to create stunning emails.
You can create responsive landing pages to match the emails that you send, which will improve your chances of driving conversions. You can run split tests on different variations of your email to see what works best to drive clicks and conversions. MailerLite also provides you with a comprehensive campaign report that contains important stats like click rate, unsubscribe rate, open rate and more.



Sender’s advanced analytics feature is one of the reasons why it’s on our list. You can learn the hours when your emails are opened, track who opened your emails and clicked on the links and more. It even helps you build accurate buyer profiles based on your subscriber actions, so you’ll be able to optimise your existing email strategy and create compelling offers.



The majority of the tools we’ve suggested have similar functionality and many can integrate with your website and connect with your e-commerce products, so it’s a matter of choice as to which one you prefer. All of them will save you time and money though! All of them have a free version too, but ensure you check out the number of contacts you can store as it does vary. If you need to upgrade to accommodate your growing business, you’ll find many of the paid plans are affordable.


If you use a different email marketing tool that you love and would recommend – let us know!

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Date: October 5, 2020

Author: Magnetar IT

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