Backup Tips

Backup Tips


The majority of the world now use computers and mobile devices to search and store data. The need for businesses to have plans to backup and restore data in the event of a crisis is continuing to increase.

To meet this need, businesses will continue to invest in automation and more efficient data backup systems. Here are some things you need to know about backups.


Test Test Test

Although most businesses do understand the importance of having backups, they are not tested regularly. A good place to start is to perform a restore at least once a year to ensure the system you are relying on works, try adding a reoccurring event to your calendar so you remember.


Offsite Backups

If you have a physical server that you are backing up in your office and you do not take a copy of it off site you expose your business to greater risk, its the digital equivalent of keeping all of your eggs in one basic.



If configured incorrectly some backup systems will store your data on the disk unencrypted, this can sometimes be the default settings depending on the backup solution used. This data in the wrong hands can expose all your customer and business data.


Cloud to Cloud Backups

Using Cloud based solutions does not protect your data in the event of an accident or security incident as you might expect. For example with Office 365, there is a shared responsibility model where you must perform a backup of all your data (Emails, OneDrive, SharePoint). Most Software as a Service solutions operate this way, so make sure to check where you are protected and where you are not.


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Date: January 20, 2020

Author: Magnetar IT

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