A four-day working week is in demand

A four-day working week is in demand


The demand for a four-day week with more of a hybrid approach is one of the biggest requests by UK office worker currently, according to recent research.  A survey conducted by business messaging software provider Slack found that 86% of UK office workers would rather work more hours in a day over a four-day work week. Most employees report a happier work/life balance with energy and morale in the office increased.

Advantages of a four-day work week:

  • Increased productivity in employees for the days working.
  • Better employee engagement.
  • Healthier work life balance.
  • Reduction in travel costs.
  • A smaller carbon footprint with less travel to and from work and less office equipment active.

Disadvantages of a four-day work week:

  • Less Customer satisfaction with 1 less day contactable.
  • Stress to meet deadlines with a shorter four-day week.
  • Struggles to complete workload.

Should all employers adopt the four-day week?

With many employees answering yes, it all depends on the nature of the business and whether it will impact negatively on sales and customer satisfaction. If a four-day week is not an option for some employee’s, other benefits could be adopted, like a shorter last working day of the week or later start time. It’s important for employers to keep a happy and healthy workforce, and one of the potential ways to do so is by having a four-day week as it will enable employees to have a healthier work/life balance and therefore happier stress-free state of mind.

Date: September 5, 2022

Author: Morris

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